I'm Starting to Hate Bikes

All of this has blown way out of proportion... just like I predicted it would.

I just sit on the internet and look at bike after bike after bike. I know my mom is doing the same thing at home. It's so hard to pick out a bike from the internet. My town only seems to have 2 bike shops, but I've already crossed one of them off the list because it's too expensive.

There is just too much. Too many. All these options... I hate the options. Sigh.


I woke up late this morning. I had to physically push myself out of bed. I threw a mental temper-tantrum at the thought of putting on my workout clothes. Once the clothes were on, I was absolutely desperate for an excuse to stay inside.

4 Reasons it Sucks to be a Girl during Triathlon Training:

1) Because I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure, and 2 days later, the chlorine from the pool has made my nails look like this...

2) Because guys have less clothing to worry about. Guys can just throw on a pair of spandex and wear that for all 3 events. I'm still trying to figure out how this sports bra and bathingsuit relationship is going to turn out.

3) Because girls have fewer hours in the day which are considered safe to be outside alone.

4) And lastly... Because having a bad hair day (or a HORRIBLE hair day), is NOT an excuse to skip your workout...

After fussing with my ugly hair, I was left with only 15 minutes to work out. I ran for 10 minutes. The heat was so excruciating, I thought I was gonna melt. I came home and looked at weather.com to find out it was 86 degrees outside. Eeek. I felt sore and tight and slow. I think Ryan needs to come back. When he was running next to me, the time passed a lot quicker.

In a way, I think I've hit a plateau with my training. I can't seem to get past 12 laps in the pool, 15 minutes running, and 7 miles biking. Something to work on.


On a more positive note, I was looking at the race roster and saw this...

My name may not be Mary nor Robert.... but it most definitely IS Kelly. So I'm signed up and confirmed and ready to race...

... Well... sort of.

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Anonymous said...

what a wimp!!

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