My Dad's Race

I can't believe I forgot to mention this in my last post.

My Dad did not race. My mom called us at 6:15 on Sunday morning and said he had been throwing up all night at the hotel. They think he got food poisoning the night before.

My parents met us at the race so I could give him his birthday gifts, then they headed straight back to Illinois.

So technically, yes, I beat him. But not in the way I wanted. (Although, I'd like to think that my time was fast enough that I would have beat him anyway.)

First DNS for my Dad.


Andrew Opala said...

maybe he wanted it to be just YOUR day

Gina said...

Sorry to hear that your dad got sick but congrats on your PR & being 3rd in your age group! That is awesome! Enjoyed your race report and the pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

With those times of yours, I'm not sure I could have beat you. We have always been close in the swim and bike, but the surprising difference is normally the run, in my favor. My best 5K (with no swim or bike) is only 25:30. In a Tri, I'm usually 30 plus. Great job on your part and looking forward to next year, especially Chicago again. Dad

Anonymous said...

Good job Kelly, proud of you.


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