Running Makes Me Sick

No, seriously.

If I run further than 4 miles, I feel nauseous afterwards.

This is kind of a problem because 90% my runs from here on out will be further than 4 miles (only 52 days until my half marathon).

I don't usually feel TOO horrible... just a little queasy. But this past Saturday, after my 5-mile run, I was curled up in bed for an hour, resisting the urge to throw up.

That's not fun.

So what's the deal? Should I be eating before my runs? Should I be eating right after my runs? (which I tried Saturday... that obviously didn't work.) Am I dehydrated? Do I need electrolytes?

Does this ever happen to anyone else?


Marci said...

Has never happened to me but maybe eat some Oatmeal before the run... always works for me :)

JojaJogger said...

The good news is you have 52 days to figure this out. Everyone is different, so experiment during your training runs to see what works for you. Maybe eating a snack an hour or two before your run? One thing that helps me if I'm feeling nauseous after a run is to drink something carbonated.

Diana said...

I'm glad to report that I've never had that before either. Sorry you are dealing with such an awful feeling after wards. I wouldn't be surprised that that makes even thinking of going for a run terrible.
I agree with the fact that you have 52 days to try stuff. Look online, look on Runner's world site and see if anything is there. Good luck and hope you get this fixed soon!

Nat said...

OOOh I used to get this too. Not fun. I have now learned I need to eat something (like a bagel) two hours before I go out. When I get back from the run, I can't eat anything and so I usually will try to drink something for recovery (lots of products for this on the market). Your blood sugar could be going crazy. Are you taking gels or anything on your longer runs?

That Pink Girl said...

I'm sorry you are feeling yucky after your run!
I don't eat for shorter runs but anything over an hour I'll have toast or a cereal bar with a few almonds. Be sure you are taking water...but not too much at once or you'll feel sloggy.
I also drink chocolate milk after a run. It's supposed to have the perfect mix of carbs, protien and fat. Dunno, it tastes good though!
Hang in there and change things up a bit. Another thought...are you maybe running too fast? Sometimes speed work makes me feel hurly.

Rainmaker said...

It sounds like a nutrition thing - or a intensity thing. Try taking 12oz of water or gatorade between 10-15 minutes before the run.

Adam said...

So, some people disagree with this advice, but have you tried a few teaspoons of immodium before you go out? I know that some people have luck with that for runners gut. Just a thought. :)

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