Fishers Area Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Today, I ran the Fishers Area Sprint Triathlon. I won 3rd place in my age group, and I PRed in EVERY event.

Yes. You read that right. I'm AWESOME.

Need I say more? Oh yes... my race report. Duh.

Well, Ryan and I arrived at the race before the sun was up. Bleh.

I was ready to just get the race started.

The swim was like nothing I've EVER seen before. Instead of going up and down our own lane 10 times, we had to go up and down ALL the lanes.

Has anyone else done this? We started at one corner of the 50 meter pool, switched lanes at each end, and finished at a different corner of the pool.


Here is a photo of me about to jump in the pool and start my swim...

Here I am swimming...

The pool was big and new.

The swim went well. I got passed by 1 person, but then I passed at least 4 others. The layout of the swim made it a little odd (swimming under the lane lines every minute), but it made the time go quickly, and I didn't have to count laps like usual.

One thing I would change is they need a ladder or something to help you out of the pool. After swimming that far, my arms were too weak to pull me out...

T1 was uneventful.

The bike was nice. A flat square course that you looped twice. I got passed by quite a few people, but I got my fastest average ever... 16.7 mph!

The bike was short and sweet... only 10 miles. So before I knew it, it was time to run!

The run was decent. It went up a bike bath, then back down through a neighborhood. I hit my first mile at 9:20 and was in disbelief. I don't usually run that fast... especially during a triathlon. I pushed hard during mile 2 because I didn't want to lose momentum. About halfway through the run, it started to rain. Meh, mildly refreshing.

3.1 miles later, it was time to finish this thing.

Swim 10:58
T1 1:53
Bike 36:07
T2 1:54
Run 27:48
Overall 1:18:40

I'm very happy with my times. I compared my pacing to all my previous races, and this was my fastest race ever. Yay me!

What shocked me the most, though, was when I saw the number "3" next to my name. What? What is this 3? Ryan and I had to study the list a few times before finally confirming that I did indeed win THIRD place in my age group. (Disclaimer: There were only 3 of us in our age group, but I'll take what I can get!) Now I'm sad that we didn't stay for the awards ceremony. I'm hoping they will mail me my medal (do they do that?).

Overall, a GREAT final race. It felt fast and EASY. It sets the bar high and gives me new goals for next year (dare I say... an OLYMPIC distance, perhaps??).

For now... I rest. Ha. Rest. That was a joke. I actually have decided to run a 10k. I ran on a marathon relay team in May, so I know I'm capable of the distance, but I've never done an official 10k before. We'll see how this goes.

Training starts tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the race. It sounds like you met some of your own goals!

Karen said...

Good job!!

Mike said...

Congratulations! Nice job, keep up the kick-ass work!

JojaJogger said...

Congrats on the great race! Let's see, first you did 5Ks and sprint triathlons, now talk of a 10k and olympic triathlon. Before you know it, you'll be talking nonsense like half marathons.

Diana said...

Nice job! Congrats on the PR's and the medal for 3rd! I kind of like the sound of your swim part. But I do agree about the need for a ladder to pull out afterwards, my arms too were like putty and then pull my big arse up and out was like lifting a whale at that moment!
Can't wait to see pics of the "bling"!

Ted said...

This is sooo awesome. Congrats !!! I was so drawn to every picture of it. Loved it. You sure kick A$$.

Nat said...

Great job! You look great and I am very jealous you are still doing tri's. Our season in MN is over :(

That Pink Girl said...

OMG Kelly that is AMAZING! Way to go!!! I'm so proud of you! (is that weird since I don't know you IRL?)

Anonymous said...

Great job Kelly! The 10k will keep you motivated to keep working out. Looking forward to our events next year.

jeanne said...

WOMAN! wow!!! fantastic times! are you sure you're the same person who hadn't trained enough??? Imagine if you had trained!

I like how you have your own personal photographer--photos are fab!

You should definitely get the medal! Don't rest til you have it, and then take a pic for us!

Adam said...


PRs are so great. Maybe you just needed a super long super awesome taper to bust out a PR?

Keep on chugging away.

Rainmaker said...

Sweet - awesome job - PR! Serious congrats!

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