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Last weekend, Ryan, Maggie, and I drove up to Michigan to stay at a cabin with some family. We thought there would only be 6 or 7 of us up there... but at some points, there were more than 15 people at the cabin. Phew!

So here is our weekend in pictures...

"Are we there yet?"

A view of the cabin from the dock.

One of my cousins braved the water... but it was 60 degrees out, and so windy that there were white-caps.

The rest of us stayed warm and dry.

I forgot pants, so I had to wear borrowed sweatpants all weekend.

We are a family who likes to eat.

Maggie loved the cabin and the wonderful smelling woods surrounding it.

On Saturday night, the power went out. We played Balderdash in the dark.

It was a little warmer on Sunday.

My Dad insisted the water wasn't that bad.

But my mom knew better. She stayed on the dock.

Sunday afternoon, it was time for Maggie's swimming debut. I bought her an adorable life vest so she wouldn't drown.

And she's off!

We even tried it without the vest, and she did pretty good (but headed straight for shore).

Despite the chill in the air, it's not a weekend on the lake without a little boating.

Maggie loved the boat. So peaceful and windy.

It was nice and warm in the sun.

My Dad jumped off the boat and went for a little swim.

It was his open-water swim training.

Maggie saw my Dad in the water and it peaked her interest.

In she goes.

Swimming like a pro.

And she gets to wrap up in a big towel on the way home.

Overall, it was a fun weekend. And I'm proud to say that I DID workout while I was up there...

  • On Saturday, we went biking. I used my mom's hybrid, which was hard to get used to. I thought we would be biking along the roads, but next thing I know, my cousin has led us straight into the woods. I officially had my first mountain-biking experience. How was it? Horrifying! It was hard to go up hill, it was hard to go downhill, and every time I hit a patch of sand, I was DOWN. 7 miles later, I was totally exhausted.
  • After the bike ride, someone convinced me to go for a run. So, in keeping with the Michigan-style of working out, I went for a 3-mile cross country run in the rain. WOO!
  • On Sunday, Ryan and I went for a leisurely 8 mile bike ride around part of the lake.

My overall training has been going really well. I finally stepped it up and I'm starting to feel better about where this is headed. I've done 9 workouts in the past 9 days (not every day of course). We only have about a week until our race. My only goal is to beat my Dad!


untpawgal02 said...

Look at Maggie go... all you have to do is get her to bike and run... then she'll be a doggie triathlete :)

Anonymous said...

Training is also going well here. My real goal is not to beat you, but is a time goal. Either way, it should be fun and I look forward to next week.
PS--Yesterdays training consisted of golf and a few beers after. I can feel the muscles in my right arm getting stronger.

JojaJogger said...

Good luck in your race next week. Was that a handle on the back of Maggie's life vest?

Adam said...

LOL - how do you forget pants!?

I agree with your dad. I'm going to be working on quite a bit of beer curls this weekend as well.

Anonymous said...

Pictures brought back lots of good memories of Higgins Lake, even saw a wood carving of a man's head that they bought in Germany between Augsburg and Oberamagau. I am doing the beer training part of the training. Opa

That Pink Girl said...

Okay, Maggie swimming in her life vest might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Awesome! (and WTG keeping up your workouts on vacay!)

Rainmaker said...

I'm a bit perplexed on how you forgot pants...didn't anyone say anything to you along the way?

jeanne said...

that's the best goal ever!

cute photos, looks like a great weekend!

I totally understand how one forgets pants. TOTALLY.

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