Recovery Week

Recovery for most triathletes involves shorter distances and lower heart rates.

Recovery for Kelly involves sitting on my butt and doing nothing.


Well, I also worked 4 days, went grocery shopping, and got my hair cut. That's productivity, right?

So what did I learn from my last race?
  • My Dad is faster than me. His run/walk/run technique is better than my slow jog.
  • Seaweed is HORRIBLE. I spent the entire swim barely able to catch my breath because I was slightly panicked.
  • Biking is not my strong suit. Even though I set a personal record for speed, I got passed by a lot of people. I had the SLOWEST time in the entire Athena group. Eek.
  • Training is a good thing. This time I did not train, and I definitely felt the difference.
But I have an announcement.

My Dad and I have signed up for our next race. We will be competing in the Tri Indy Sprint Triathlon on August 16. The entire race takes place downtown Indianapolis (our swim is in the canal!). So it should be interesting. That's 6 weeks from now, so I need to get moving.

I'm just surprised that my Dad wants to do another one. I think he must've caught the bug!


Adam said...

Yesssss, more races! Good times. Indianapolis will be fun for sure. My money is totally on you this time BTW. I put down my entire paycheck as a bet, don't let me down! (No pressure)

That Pink Girl said...

Yay for father/daughter races! And that canal area is so cute! Last time I was in Indy I tried desperately to convince of my my fellow travelers (it was for work, so not exactly buddies I was with) to rent a paddle boat with me. Sadly, no go. Get to training!

Anonymous said...

A little bird told me your Dad was very sore for 4 days but got well with some Cubby wins even having the worst and most high paid right and left fielders today. Trade 'em. Opa

JojaJogger said...

All right, another father/daughter race! You better get some hard core training done for this one because you can't let Dad win two in a row.

peter said...

Your Dad's been bitten. You could beat him. But all in due time. These things have a rhythym to them. (And thanks for the sentiment. I complain a lot but things are so much better.)

Gina said...

That is so cool that you and your dad will do another race! I'm not surprised at all that he is. I think it is fun for you to do this together. Start training - 6 weeks will pass quickly!

Mike said...

Awesome!!! Good luck on the next race!

Rainmaker said...

Sweet, a showdown! I think there needs to be a third race...best two out of three.

Ted said...

Kudos for you and your Dad to sign up for another tri. Outstanding!

By the way, I am reading on Galloway's method and do find it quite effective.

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