I Can Finally Breathe (For Now)


Ryan bowled...

Kelly bowled...

Note the final scores...

Enough said.


I don't want to go into too much detail until I hear back from the stations, but they both seemed to go well.

Since this was my only chance to get out there before I would need to move there, my Mom and I took the opportunity to look at apartments and drive around town.

It was an extremely long 2 days.

4 hours driving
4 hours of sleep
3 apartment complexes
1 1/2 hour interview
2 more apartment complexes
1/2 hour interview
4 hours driving

By the end, we were exhausted. I'm crossing my fingers for these jobs, but I know even if I don't get them, something else will come along. The recent interest in me has definitely peaked my confidence.


This is what I'm supposed to be writing about, right? I had a bad 1 1/2 weeks due to Ryan being here, and then me being gone. I've been short on time. I've been out of food for days now. But instead of going grocery shopping this morning, I went running like a good little marathoner.

I ran 4 miles a week ago and nothing since then, so I was nervous to amp it up to 5 all of a sudden.

But my 5 miles went swimmingly. It was 54 degrees with no sun and a little wind. I've only ran 5 miles ONCE before, and it was over a month ago. I was very happy to come in having knocked a whopping 1:10 off last month's 5-mile pace. That's over 5 minutes off! Nice.

2 1/2 weeks until the marathon. It's an important day for me, but I'll explain that more later. I'm actually starting to feel like I just might do this!


JojaJogger said...

You will absolutely do this...and excellent job kicking Ryan's behind at the bowling alley!

Karen said...

Bad Girl, Bad Girl, you were suppose to NOT post the smackdown pics.

Karen said...

Good Job on the run, who needs food anyway?

Ted said...

Just remember.. if one door closes at you, another door will open for you. There has to be something. Good Luck !!! Way to go with the bowling game.

Diana said...

Nice job on the bowling!
Your marathon is going to be great. I can't wait till we get to write about our big days!!!
Hang in there-all is good!

Mike said...

Best of luck on the interviews!!! And your running!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a joy to watch as you glide thru life. Keep it up, I can,t wait for the next chapter. Opa

Gina said...

Great job on the bowling, Kelly! Also...good luck with the interviewing/results, etc. How cool that your mom drove with you. And finally, good job picking up the running again. You will rock your relay, I'm sure!

Adam said...

GOOD GAWD - 171?

Fingers crossed on the interviews.

That is GREAT on the run. 1:00 slower pace!? NICE!

jeanne said...

awesome on the run! i'm guessing you are NOT running a marathon next week, all secret-like. Then again, who knows with you. Then again, it's possible I've forgotten.

i always thought bowling should be scored like golf. in which case ryan totally kicked your ass. heh.

(Adam meant to say 1 min FASTER pace, i'm sure.)

Rainmaker said...

I think a smackdown implies that the (your) opponent appeared to have some level of skill. In this case, I'm not entirely sure that's the case actually. ;)

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