The First Step is Admitting It

I'm not the neatest person...

... yet I'm not a total slob.

I enjoy the feeling of living in an immaculately clean and organized apartment...

... even if that's not very often.

But I have a weakness. And that weakness is called my kitchen.

I get it clean and I think, "this is it! It's going to stay this way forever!" But it usually takes me less than 3 days to completely mess it up again.

So if I can get it that messy after only 3 days, imagine what an entire week could do.

Why imagine when you can see for yourself?

I'm not proud of this. But the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

My kitchen is my official weekend project. I hope to be finished with all those dishes by tomorrow afternoon so I can cook a delicious meal for myself.


On a different and possibly understated note, my mom and I will be running our first 5K of 2009 this Saturday.

I had it on my list of possible races, and I had it in the back of my head... but we officially registered today. There is no backing out now. I don't expect my time to be good, but I need to get into it... have a benchmark to start the year from.


Lastly... I FINALLY received a phone call from the guy who interviewed me 2 weeks ago. He was supposed to call last Monday, so he's just a TAD late. He apologized profusely for not getting in touch with me and informed me they went with someone else. The good news is, he said I had an "impressive interview" and they would keep my resume on file in case their new hire didn't work out. I suggested to my boyfriend he should call up the new employee and offer them a "job" in Philly.


Rainmaker said...

I hear ya on the kitchen thing, mine gets like that on about the same three day cycle. It sucks.

Lindsay said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. My living room, den, and dining room stay extremely clean. And then there is the kitchen.. also on a 3 day cycle.

My room tends me to constantly messy though - clothes on the floor. :\ I guess I've admitted it now too. Time to turn things around.

Adam said...

Blah, that is a bummer about the job. You'd just have to pack up all of that stuff on your counter anyway, right? ;)

Karen (Mom) said...

I think your Mother taught you better.

Nikemom said...

I love the kitchen. That is sooo totally me!!! Good luck with the run this weekend. Way cool to do one with your mom. :D

untpawgal02 said...

The kitchen always seems to be the problem.

Good luck with the 5k this weekend!

Diana said...

Have a blast running with your Mom!
I usually hide the dishes in the oven!

Marcy said...

LMAO! Your kitchen looks like mine!

Sorry about the jobby :-(

Anonymous said...

Poor thing. The kitchen problem is in your genes. Oma's. She got it from her Mom ,she says. So just live with it and fight it. Opa

Gina said...

Well at least it is only the kitchen. The rest looks GREAT! My whole place however needs a little...help. Have fun and good luck at the 5K with your mom. So cool!

Ted said...

This will absolutely make Martha Stewart proud when she sees the pictures of your kitchen. Awesome! I have been trying to find empty bottles of booze. Did you hide them?

peter said...

Mmm...triscuits for an appetizer and cheezits for the main fare, followed by Graham Crackers for dessert. All you're missing is the Millers and you could be eating dinner at my house!

That Pink Girl said...

The kitchen is always so hard. I think little elves come in at night, use up the dishes and leave crumbs on the counter. Then again, maybe it is Hubs. Sigh.
The little glass in your sink is hella cute though - love the Swanky Swig red flowers. Too cute!

OK just wasn't meant to be right now. And clearly he doesn't keep his word. You don't want to work for someone like that.

jeanne said...

peter stole my line!! damn!

your place looks like a magazine shoot! i would kill to be that neat. I would do anything except...actually clean, apparently.

re: the job. bastards.

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