TGIF Photo Friday

(Theme Courtesy Nikemom.)

I just got my snorkeling photos developed. Here's a taste...

I'm gonna try this new (old) thing today where I workout before I eat breakfast. I used to do it back when I was training for my Tri, but somehow that habit fell by the wayside. I think it'll help me get into a better routine, and hopefully not eat so much (however, I'm STILL losing weight in a miraculous fashion... down to 151 this morning).

Happy almost weekend, everyone!


Adam said...

That looked like a BLAST. Although, while in Hawaii, I went snorkeling and didn't like it because I got scared by a big rock. Didn't even see any fish!!

I almost always work out before breakfast. (Sometimes I'll eat on Sunday before I go for a long run) Usually I'm busy enough that if I ate and then went out there is no way that the 'and then went out' would happen. Good luck!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I am a huge fan of scuba diving. If you like snorkling try diving. You can stay down much longer and not have to worry about sucking in water.

I eat a bowl of ceral prior to workouts every day. Gives me the energy I need. Then I have a post workout snack.

Anonymous said...

The first one is cool. I like how the trees are "waving".

Rainmaker said...

Just when I thought I had a nice (warm) day here in DC where it's 66* out...you have to go and drop some warm snorkeling photos on us... ;)

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