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When I went to college (the University of Dayton), we had an annual trip to Daytona in May that EVERYONE went on. Our school typically rented out 4 hotels on the Daytona strip, but the first hotel was the coveted one because that's where the deck party and free beer was.

Students would sleep outside in the middle of February to get a room in the first hotel. The school eventually deemed this "dangerous." The alternative? Having us all line up behind some caution tape and then yelling "GO!" and whoever got there first got the room.


Long story short... I was in that mob. I was named the designated "runner" for my group. I dropped my paperwork about 2 seconds into the race, had to go back for it, where I was trampled in the mud and ended up with a broken finger.

That wasn't the worst of it, though. One girl lost a tooth. One kid broke his leg.

And if you're wondering, I DID get us our room in the first hotel. I'm just THAT fast!


Adam said...

That looks like a RIOT. The broken bones only make the story cooler :)

peter said...

Wow. Hope your finger gets better soon. That reminds me of when I dropped my only Advil in a 10-Mile race trying to take it and got down on all fours to look for it (hey, I was hurtin'!) on the pavement. I immediately realized what a bad idea that was (this was the packed Cherry Blossom 10-Miler). Good job on scoring the room!

Kelly said...

It's ok... this was 4 years ago. The finger is good and healed!

Rainmaker said...

OMG, that's hilariously awesome!

untpawgal02 said...

So hillarious!

Steve Stenzel said...

OMG!!! You broke your finger in that mess!! That's CRAZY (and it's GREAT at the same time!...)

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