Hiding in my Apartment

It's been a few days since I've posted.

I have no good excuse.

But here are all my bad excuses...

- I had 6 friends from home come stay with me the day after New Years.
- I have eaten WAY too much the past 4 days and thrown off my weight-loss momentum.
- I haven't worked out this ENTIRE YEAR. (Yeah... it sounds dramatic, doesn't it?)
- My work schedule has been super weird.
- I'm lazy.

Good enough? Good. I'll be back tomorrow.


Marcy said...

Sounds good to me :-)

Mike said...

Fine! Run and hide!!! lol

Ted said...

Its okay. Go and hibernate for awhile !!! You are not the only one out there !!! Winter can be tough !

Rainmaker said...

Hibernation is awesome. Plus, according to your little chart you haven't gained any weight - so I consider that a success!

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