The Upside to Dieting

"Dieting" isn't the right word, but I needed a short and concise title.

I've kept track of almost every calorie that has gone into my body since November 2nd. Naturally, this has made me a little bit crazy. After every meal, I run to the nearest computer and log my numbers. By now, I have the nutritional information of all of my favorite foods memorized.

Basically, I've been trying to view my daily calorie intake as a budget. I have 1800 calories at the beginning of the day, and I have to divide it in a way that will last all day.

This has caused a surprising bonus for my eating habits...

I'm enjoying my food SO much more.

Just this evening, I was calculating out the day's total, and I came up with 1670. Don't get me wrong-- there is nothing wrong with coming up short (it's quite good, actually!), but I really wanted something else.

So I thought about it for quite a while and weighed my options. I only had 130 calories, so I had to make it worth it.

I finally decided on half a bottle of coke.

And as I sat there drinking my ice cold deliciousness, I thought to myself, "this is totally worth it." I was extremely happy with my decision.

Because I am so particular about my calories now, I have really learned to enjoy the foods I eat and learn which foods are worth their weight in calories (baked potatoes, beer, goldfish crackers), and which foods aren't (pizza, bread, cheese).

My weight loss is going well... I am 10 lbs down as of today.


I will be heading to my parents house tomorrow night after work (11pm), just so I can spend Christmas morning with them (and then have to drive back for work by 2pm). I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!


karen said...

Congratulations on the 10!

Ryan said...

I would save my 1800 and have some sort of food party at the end of the day,.. a couple of pints of icecream with cheeseburgers...mmmmmm! Sort of a food orgy!

Yep, I said orgy!!!

Anonymous said...

Drive careful. We'll miss you. Merry Christmas. Opa

peter said...

Oh yeah, we're all having a fantastic holiday. I'm listening to Leon Russel and it doesn't get much better than that. Working 12/24 til 11 PM? Come on!

Hey your wgt. loss is inspirational. But you gotta both cut back on intake and simltaneously ramp it up on outtake (output, effort). To keep it off. (Also I apologize, nice of you to give the BF the bigger stox. Cool. Where were you in 1972 when I was putting out for McGovern? :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Congrats on the "10!!" Nice job!

Merry Christmas!!

jeanne said...

ten pounds is fantastic! however i have yet to find the upside to dieting, even after you pointed it out. I've been keeping track of my daily intake and all it does is MAKE ME INSANE. and make me think about food constantly! arghhhhhhhhh@

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