Freezing What?

It's actually kinda warm out, but we are expecting freezing rain. Actually, weather.com said the freezing rain began ten minutes ago. Woops.

So, I have no time to write. I have errands that need to be run before I'm trapped in my apartment due to icy roads.

But, in case you're wondering, I ran 1.2 miles this morning. It's not much, but it's been over 3 weeks since I've done any running, so my legs weren't expecting it. Now I only have 2.7 miles until I reach a year-end total of 100.

Oh, and I'm officially 9 pounds down, which means only 6 more to go! So far, I've been surprised at how easy this is. Something must be off. I keep thinking maybe I'm just reading the scale wrong... maybe I'm really 165. Knowing my eating habits, gaining 1 pound sounds more realistic than losing 9.


Marcy said...

You are doing KILLER with the weight loss! Keep it up chica!

Yeah, we're supposed to get taht freezing rain tomorrow. YUCK!

jeanne said...

i am MAD jealous about your weight loss!!! we're around the same weight, only i keep gaining and losing and gaining and losing. ugh.

here's my very own fun post on walking and running.


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