Christmas is Officially Here

How do I know that (besides the fact that my apartment is a mess of red and green)?

Because I got my first Christmas card! (Don't worry, this is not what yesterday's post was in regards to... keep reading.)

I was so excited to open it and see who it was from!


A financial group. Yay.

Well, despite my crappy card (I still set it out on my bookshelf), it is now officially Christmas because I recieved my first Christmas gift!

I know you have all been just dying to find out what it is, and I loved all your guesses.


My new Travel Trac Century Fluid Trainer!!!

Despite the fact that the box was mildly dilapidated, I had high hopes.

Step 1: Open box. Remove parts.


Step 2: Remove plastic.


Step 3: Use mini wrench to attach Thing A to Thing D.

... Huh?

Ohhh I get it.


Step 4: Attach grill-like thing to black panel thing.


Step 5: Mentally prepare Reagan for what she's about to go through.


She said she was nervous (but also told me she's thrilled to be in my bedroom (she gets to sleep next to me now)).

Step 6: Attach Reagan's rear wheel to the trainer.


Step 7: Test ride (don't bother changing out of your jeans or putting on your shoes).


So, that's my very first Christmas gift of 2008. I picked it out, but it's actually from my parents.

Thank you, parents!


Alejandro said...

They should send this kind of equipment already assembled....don´t you think?

jeanne said...

i am totally impressed! and now even more reluctant to buy one because now i know the horrible truth: it involves TOOLS!


i am also jealous because my mortgage company (whoever they are this month) hasn't sent me a happy holidays card. boo.

Adam said...

You'll have to keep us all posted how you like the bike trainer. I was actually just thinking about getting one of those.

Ted said...

tsk tsk tsk... aren't you suppose to open this on December 25th ??? Not fair that you opened up this already. My wife would kill me if I open any present at this moment.

Anonymous said...

With your German heritage you can celebrate and open on the 6th and then celebrate american on the 2...but don't quit the stair burners5th. Opa

Karen said...

Your parents are great!! They pick out awesome presents!

Nikemom said...

I like your parents! I was beginning to think the financial company sent you the bike thingie. :D

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