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My week has been busy, so try and keep up...


I woke up early so I could pick Ryan up at the airport. I found a letter under my door from my landlord. It says (in a nutshell): "your lease is up January 1st. You can either get another year-long lease, get a 6-month lease, or move out. Oh yeah... and we're raising your rent by $35."


So now I have 4 more days to make this big decision. I didn't really want to do a 6-month lease, because I had wanted to get out of here before then. I can do a month-by-month lease, but that costs an additional $50/month. So really, there is no good (or cheap) choice here.

I drove to O'hare and picked Ryan up. Right as we were pulling into my parking lot, I got a phone call from the head director at work. I cringed. The other director's wife was expected to go into labor any day now.

This canNOT be that day. This canNOT be that day. This baby will NOT ruin the only two days I have with my boyfriend.

I let the call go to voicemail because I was too afraid to answer it.

"Kelly... it's Andrew. Pete's wife went into labor this morning. However, I am NOT asking you to come in to work. I know your boyfriend is in town, so you can stay at home. However, no one knows I'm doing this, so if you get any other phone calls, just don't answer. Tell them you are out of town."

Wow. I owe him HUGE. Cookies? Candy? Liquor?

With a newfound thankfulness for our time together, Ryan and I spent all day hanging out.

We went to Walmart with the intention of buying a board game. But they have some WEIRD board games now... "Hannah Montana's Mall Madness"?! Come on, people.

So we settled on "Jumbling Tower," which is the generic version of Jenga.

And we quickly figured out why it was only 1/3 the cost...

... Because the blocks don't really fit together correctly.

There should NOT be those spaces in between each block.

Slightly unsatisfied with our toy purchase, we stopped by the dollar store on our way home from dinner and picked up a $1 puzzle.

So we spent the evening in... watching TV and movies and putting together our 500-piece puzzle.

Oh... and drinking.

And since neither of us drink very often, it didn't take much before we were a little ridiculous.


After a really late booze-filled night, construction woke us up at 7:30 (well, construction woke ME up).

I went into the family room and was met with a total mess.

There were beer bottles strewn about, puzzle pieces and chips on the floor, 2 empty wine bottles, and a permanantly jumbled Jumbling Tower.

Ryan was starting to not feel too good. He tried to blame Jimmy Johns for poisoning his sandwich with tomatoes. He tried to blame the drinking for making him hungover. He even tried to blame the weather for being too cold.

But he sucked it up and we went bowling that evening. Ryan and I have an ongoing bowling competition, so we play almost every time we see eachother.

(Naturally, I always win).

See?? 129 to 110. HA!

After beating him at both bowling and darts, we went home and Ryan finished our parrot puzzle.


We woke up early and I took Ryan back to the airport. He was full-blown sick by now, and drugged up on Dayquil.

After I dropped him off, I went home and weighed myself. I do this every day, but I was nervous because of the way I had eaten on Monday and Tuesday.


Looks like I had a slight setback this week.


I've really been watching my calories these past few days to make up for my massive endulging.

The best part of yesterday was realizing that I had caught Ryan's cold. So now I'm a snotty, sore-throaty, non-sleeping mess.

Plus, I want and NEED to workout... but I can barely get myself out of bed at this point, so I don't think that will be happening for a few more days at least.

Ryan and I have been talking on the phone and commiserating over our illnesses. However, the nice part is that I pretty much know what to expect over the next couple days, simply based on how he's been feeling.

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Karen said...

Look at that bowling form, great follow thru.

Hope you feel better!

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