What's Up With You? Here's What's Up With Me

Reasons I'm awesome:

1) On Tuesday morning, I did a swim/bike brick.
2) Later that day, I went home and fixed my Dad's new Ipod.
3) I ran 4 miles today, which is a new record for distance.

Reasons I suck:

1) My brick was the first I had done in SIX weeks. That is a LONG time. Shame on me.
2) In payment for my Ipod skills, I swindled the fiercely uneven deal of dinner, laundry, and a tank of gas.
3) My 4 miles were slow and hard. I walked once and my hip hurt pretty bad by the end.

This week was better than last week. My motivation to train has improved (mostly because I realized I don't have time to laze around... my sprint triathlon is in NINE days). In order to aid this process, I've been setting mini goals.

My current mini goals:

-Do a bike/run brick by Wednesday.
-Bike race distance by Monday.
-Run a 5k without stopping by Tuesday.
-Only take 1 day off between now and next Saturday.

This race has really snuck up on me recently. To make matters worse, we've been having issues with my start time. Let me explain... I work in the frustrating industry called "Television." Thus, unlike normal people, I have to work on weekends (EVERY weekend). This makes finding a triathlon really difficult. Sometimes they are so early and far away that I would only get 2 hours of sleep the night before. Other times, they are in the middle of the day when I need to be at the station.

So before I signed up for this race, I emailed the race director. It went something like... "Listen, Lady... I HAVE to be at work by 3:15 pm at the latest. Considering I'm the awesome-ist triathlete ever, you definitely don't want to miss having me at your event. Therefore, you should just send me the list and I'll set up all the wave start times to my liking. You can thank me later."

... Or... something like that.

Anyway, she assured me I would be seeded in a 10:30 wave. Booyah.

But when the list went up...

Oh yes... that's me... starting at 11:42. Crud.

So let's do the math, class. 11:42 plus 10 minute swim plus 60 minute bike plus 35 minute run plus 7 minutes for transition plus 90 minutes to get back home... that equals...

... cutting it close.

So, I RE-emailed the race director and am currently waiting for what I hope will be a wave change.

X Fingers Crossed. X

What happens if I don't get a time change? We'll see. I could run the race and hope to get back on time, or I could skip the race and hope for a refund. Bleh either way.

Enough bad thoughts! I mapped out the race course today and I couldn't believe how far the bike seemed. It's 14 miles through country roads. We go so far out that we even hit another town! Poor poor Cold Spring... they don't know what's comin.

But the run is a whole different story. It's a pretty tight course, but it's mostly cross country (eww). When I mapped it out, I laughed. What a crazy looking route!

But that's nothing compared to the map that they provide:

Hmm. I think at one point we run UP... as in, INTO THE SKY.

... Interesting.

So I'm going to close this random post with a little gross-out. Here is what I found when I finished running today:

Caused by this:

I didn't even notice. Woops.

So... what's up with you?


RPBenton said...

Reasons Kelly is awesome:

1) She's gets up and trains most days while her bf is lazy and sleeps or watches tv.
2) Her blogs actually make sense and don't leave out sentences that are important to the entire story.
3) She just is.

Reasons Kelly sucks:
1) none.

Karen said...

OK, no more gross blood pictures.

You do have great looking toes, you didn't get those from me.

Kelly said...

Reasons Kelly is Awesome:

She has nice toes.


Steve Stenzel said...

First, I LOVE the 2 lists.

Second, good luck with the "cutting it close" tri. Hopefully you're able to get bumped up.

Third, good luck in the sky! HA! That map is f-ed up!!


Anonymous said...

You should compare your toes with Fred Fabians because he says his are beeuutifuul!!!!. Opa

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