I went home for lunch today (lunch = 7pm for me) and I saw a sign posted in the lobby of my apartment:

"The time is here! The noises you've been hearing are Comcast. They will be in all next week installing cable in the hallways and apartments. You will be informed before we hit your floor. It's about time we finally have real television!"


On the plus side:
I will have real television (I only get 23 channels now (up until last week, I only got 13 channels)).
It's not hardcore permanent construction and should be over with after next week.

On the down side:
I have to put up with this for another week.
After they're done with the cable, then it'll just be something else.
I have to clean my apartment so the maintenance people don't think I'm a slob.

So I suppose for the next week, I need to go to bed early... because you never know when you'll be rudely woken up at 8am.

... And I need to buy some earplugs.


On a more training-related note, I finally decided on a training log. If you glance to the right, you'll see my training widget. You can use the pull-down menu to select the category.

I know it's a little late to be jumping on the bandwagon, but I'm so glad I did. The training logs that I kept on my computer were getting to be a mess. I had one which said the minutes each day then I had another one that gave the specifics of what I did. This one is good because it does time, distance, speed, and even keeps track of my weight and what I'm eating (if I get so ambitious).

I learned that I have completed 32 hours 18 minutes and 20 seconds of training. All of that has been since May 21st. More specifically, that's:

31 runs
3 walks
4 ellipticals
23 bikes
15 swims

I couldn't believe that I had done more runs than anything else. That really surprised me.


And as for this special day (I guess I didn't realize it was special until we had all these news stories about the significance of "8-8-08" and how people are getting married and having babies today (::shrug::)), I should have done something like 8 laps in the pool then 8 miles on the bike then 8 minutes running... but alas, too late for that.

So instead, I think I'll go home and wash 8 dishes, do 8 pushups, eat 8 peices of cheese, and get 8 hours of sleep... that is unless the cable guys have it out for me again tomorrow morning.

Superb plan.


Karen said...

Do you live in a cave? You direct the news at least 5 or more times a week so I can't believe you didn't know 8-8-08 was coming!

Guess you don't listen to the news you direct.

Kelly said...

No I knew it was coming... I just didn't know it was "special"

Michelle said...

That training log is so cool! Don't get cable, it just sucks time out of your day!

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