My Name is Kelly and I'm a Slacker

I'm in a little bit of a rutt. I wonder if this has something to do with all those days I took off for being sick. I think my body rejoiced and now my brain is protesting going back to work.

The problem is, instead of fighting this slump, I'm endulging it. NOT GOOD.

I said I would swim today, and I didn't. I used my need to get an oil change as an excuse to skip my swim. However, after I was done, I came home and sat around my apartment for an hour before leaving for work. An HOUR! I could have done SOME sort of workout during that time! But it was like my legs refused to stand me up. Ok, ok... once again, I'm not taking full blame like I should.

It's my fault I'm not doing my proper training, and only I can fix that. Less than a month until the race... now is NOT the time to slack off.

Tomorrow I will abuse myself at the gym. I will run and I will swim. I will suck it up and I will go on.


Now for a random note about mechanics...

To be truthful, one of the things I hate most about getting my oil changed are the mechanics. They are cold and look at you funny and usually try to sell you things you don't need. Take that and the fact that I have trouble saying 'no' to people, and it's a very uncomfortable situation to be in. Last time I got my oil changed, a 50-year-old mechanic even asked me on a date... ew.

So to much surprise, when I pulled into the garage, there were two women there to great me. Women mechanics. Ha. Not to be sterotypical, but you really don't see that too often.

But I quickly discovered that I liked it. They were less threatening and easier to say 'no' to. They were quick and efficient and didn't try to sell me on expensive oil, extra filters, or other nonsense.

However, for being girls, they sure missed out on that cleanliness sterotype. As I was waiting for them to finish, I saw a 2-inch cockroach crawl out from a hole in the floor.

Bleh. Next time I'll make sure to wear tall boots.

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Karen said...

Bugs just seem to follow you whereever you go, that may tell you something!!

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