It's Official

I will be running my first 5K on saturday in Beloit, Wisconsin.

I'm nervous because I have yet to finish a 3-mile run without any walking. But I figure, there is not rule against walking a little bit during the race. I just want to finish.

My official goal will be 32 minutes (it's slow, but it's also a cross country course which I'm not used to).

If I hit under 30 minutes, I would be thrilled.

When my mom heard I had signed up, she immediately made plans to spend the night on Friday and come cheer me on. Thanks, mom!

5 days.


Steve Stenzel said...

SWEET!! Have a good run! And don't be afraid to implement a run/walk/run strategy!!

Good luck!!

Michelle said...

Yay! And that's so sweet of mom to cheer you on. Yay mom! Lots of people do the walk/run plan. Yay!

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