Biking, Rushing, and Getting Serious

I woke up pretty sore from yesterday's long run, and with my cold still hanging around, I decided I would only go for a short bike ride.

Now that I have an odometer, I really wanted to take Reagan out for a race-length ride to see how we did. It was a short fast ride on practically flat terrain. The bike-portion of my actual race will be very similar (minus pedestrains and plus spectators).

Miles: 6.2
Time: 24 minutes and 55 seconds
Average Speed: 14.7 mph
Calories Burned: 264.8
Fat Burned: 32.6 grams
Maxiumum Speed: 19.9

I was really super happy with my time. The biking times for women 20-29 at last year's traithlon were between 20 and 35 minutes. This means I'm average, and that feels good. Plus, my 14.7 average mph blew me away. I'm almost... dare I say it?... fast.

Apparently it's a good thing I decided on a short ride, because halfway through my trip, I got a text message from a coworker reminding me about a work meeting this afternoon.

... I didn't even know about this work meeting. It doesn't make sense how they can expect an email sent on my DAY OFF to be read within 24 hours (the email was sent only yesterday).

I had just enough time to get back to my apartment, shower, leave for work, and run into the station before the first word was spoken.

Sorry, no pictures today. I didn't even bring my camera on my ride (it was too short and I only dipped below 12 mph once). Plus, it's official... LESS than a month until my triathlon.

It's time to get serious...

... or as serious as I'm capable of.

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