Stupid Work

Mainly because work owns my life--and a little because I owed a favor to a coworker--I had to work until 1:30am this morning. Bleh. This has officially seemed like the longest week ever. And I still have 3 more days to go.

Due to these outstanding circumstances, I woke up late this morning generally tired and hating life. Thus, I'm taking the day off for training.

I've put a lot of thought into this B-Fit B-Day Challenge. I got one 'Yay' vote and one 'Nay' vote. They both had good points...

("Go for it!" is a valid argument, right?)

So I decided the last thing I needed to do was see if it's mathmatically feasible.

So here is the absolute maximum time each length would take me:
2 Mile Swim (56 laps in the Y pool): 90 minutes
3 Mile Run: 40 minutes (assuming a very slow 13 minute mile time)
23 Mile Bike: 150 minutes

TOTALLING: 280 minutes (a little under 5 hours)

Is it possible? Yes. I have two of those days off work, which leaves me a lot of spare time. It's also supposed to be in the 70's both days, which is perfect weather for being outside.

I'm not sure I've found a single (good) reason not to do it.... or at least try.

I begin sunday.


On a totally different note, I'm thinking about volunteering for the HRMS Naperville Sprint Triathlon. It's a few weeks before my first triathlon, and it would do me some good to get out and be involved in one. I've never even been to a triathlon before, so learning the behind-the-scene ropes could only benefit me.

We'll see.

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