The Nicest Day

I had plans to go to the Y today to run and swim.

I stepped outside to head to my car. I noticed the wind whipping my hair around my face, the rain streaming down my arms, the parking lot-now-muddy puddle infested with broken tree limbs and trash. And I thought to myself, WOW! It's GORGEOUS! How could I possibly snub Mother Nature by spending my morning inside?! If you live in the midwest (or watch the news at all), you know what I'm talking about. It may not be 80 and sunny, but this is the best weather we've seen in days!

Plus, I've been missing my bike desperately. I try not to let it show, but she knows she's my favorite. I think when I was younger, I dubbed her the 'Purple People-Eater.' It still seems fitting.

She's purple and speckled and makes scary rusty cranking noises like she's about to eat the runners in front of me.

I've seen small children cry.

Anyway, so I biked down along the river totalling about 7 miles.

On a semi-related note, here is the moment where I divulge something about myself that most people don't know...

... Geese scare the CRAP outta me.

Especially this time of year. During nesting season, they're all too busy with their eggs to care what I'm doing. But now all the eggs have hatched into fuzzy adorable (yes, I like geese when they're tiny) baby geese. And these baby geese tend to wander wherever they please. And if they, say, wander in front of my Purple Geese Eater, their parents are NOT happy. Cut to hissing geese chasing me on my bike and snapping at my feet. End Scene.

Not fun. So when I see a flock of geese in my way, I tend to either go around them (WAAAY around them), or stop and wait. Sometimes, if no one is around, I make what I deem 'scary noises' to scare them away. But sometimes I think it just intrigues them more.

Towards the end of my biking, I passed 4 kids on bikes. They looked about 15. I thought it was odd that (considering their age), the oldest-looking boy had one of those yellow child-pulling mechanisms attached to his bike.

But when I passed them and glanced inside the mesh cage, to my SHOCK and HORROR, I saw an infant in one of those infant-carrying things (thank GOODNESS for photos, cause I apparently suck with names).

... Did I mention it had a LIVING baby inside it?!

Now... on further thought, I guess this doesn't seem that horrible. I mean, at least the baby wasn't just thrown in there to fend for itself. But something just seems so wrong about this whole situation.

I have gone so far off into a tangent that there is no feasible way to bring it back without a line.

Much better.

I thought about turning my biking into a brick workout. I have yet to bike and then run immediately after. It scares me quite a bit. But of course another excuse got in the way... time. And work. I need to shower this mud off my arms and legs and go do what I was put on this Earth to do... direct the news.

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