Bikes, Bike Racks, and Baseball

This will be short because I'm ashamed to admit I didn't work out today.

However, I did ride a bike for about 5 minutes. It was the Giant TCX 1:

It's a cyclocross bike I found at a nearby bike shop. It was a nice ride. Handles bumps and gravel better than a road bike, but so much lighter than a mountain bike. Made for speed, not comfort (like a hybrid). Overall... perfect.

It's a bit on the pricey side... $800. That's not a lot for a good bike, but considering I began with the instructions "find a used bike" from my mom... $800 is a lot. I think $300 will be out of my own pocket (thank you, birthday money!).

After I made the final decision on buying this bike, I went through all the steps in my head. And as soon as I got to the part where I left the bike shop, it hurt me to imagine stuffing my brand new bike in the trunk of my car.

Lucky me... because I found a woman on craigslist who lived only 20 minutes away and was selling a spare tire bike rack. I drove out immediately and purchased it for $25.

The next step comes tomorrow. By the end of the day, I will be the proud owner of a brand new bicycle. I havn't been the proud owner of a new bicyle since I was 12... this is a big deal.

After that, I need to worry about the pedals. The pedals on my Giant TCX 1 are clipless.

Essentially, they look like this:

What you are SUPPOSED to have is cycling shoes, which "clip" into the clipless pedals like this:

But... since I'm a beginner, that's a bit much to learn (and a lot much $ to spend).

So instead, I need to buy instep adaptors. They will clip into my clipless pedals and allow me to wear normal shoes:

Overall... I'm excited. New bike... NEW BIKE! Yay.


Random non-training-related sidestory:

My station bought out a minor-league baseball stadium tonight. All the employees got box seats, so I went. I was sitting next to 3 on-air girls.

About halfway through the game, a stadium employee comes over and taps on the arm of the girl next to me. He tells her that one of the players thinks she's pretty and wants to ask her out.

... She got asked out by a baseball player... DURING a game... Odd? Cute? I'm not sure.

During the rest of the game, the employee returned 2 more times... once to give her the player's phone number, and once to give her the player's baseball card haha.

From what I saw, the baseball player didn't play a single second of the entire game. He didn't even seem to care what was going on with the rest of his team... he stared at her the ENTIRE game.

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Karen said...

YEAH!!!! A bike.

They showed Max at the game, then other random people, and of course,Mike and Mark the Sumo Wrestlers!!

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